Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Equipment Sales Company hires top private funding consulting firm Global Star Capital

When a company needs investment capital, it seems that everyone in the world is a "broker". The truth be told is that in private funding there are few true brokers. A system and plan needs to be established for any investment capital. The principals of EX Sales knew this and sought the top consultant in private funding Rich Cocovich and his firm Global Star Capital. "We wanted the best. We did not want to go down pathways that were destined to fail. We brought on the best in the business to achieve our goal. Global Star Capital is worth every penny and we are now selecting our funding source for the best relationship. Anyone searching for capital needs to stop and contact Global Star Capital at their website like we did. Rich Cocovich is a true professional who rolls up his sleeves and gets the job done. It took him 3 days after meeting us in person to establish our source selection. None of the sources were reachable without Global Star Capital", says Stanley T. Jones. Project principals worldwide have utilized the expertise of Global Star Capital and Rich Cocovich since 1991. The company has serviced clients in over 100 countries. "My clients understand that professionalism is needed to make it to the finish line. If anyone thinks that millions will drop in their lap from people they meet online and who are non compensated other than bogus commission statements they are going to chase their tails forever. Our protocol has been used by world governments, corporations and individuals for decades. The deep pocket investors want the best projects. The best projects hire our services. It is just that simple. The hard part is the work my team and I must perform. We are not brokers. I also invest my own money into certain projects. Therefore our protocol is fool proof" says Cocovich. Please visit and if you are serious about your project.

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