Saturday, May 28, 2011

Global Star Capital Funding--Rich Cocovich--Texas--Forbes

Forbes reports that TSA has said it will shut down flights if the Texas state "groping law" is passed.

As a business traveler who relies on flights to over 100 countries, I could list many personal experiences of how unsafe I have felt in other countries. Domestically, I know we have our guard down here and there, and we are not perfect. The bottom line is that I just want to be safe and I think everyone would agree. I understand the rights violations and people's concerns. The US airlines reward me with free bumps to first class. Every day we are tested by terrorists, whether it is someone pretending they do not know which door is the bathroom and trying the cockpit to the way luggage is packed or checked through from the gate etc. Flight attendants are on the utmost of alert recently as well, and they are edgy. If you fly every other day, you see both sides of this issue and it is very hard to pick one side or the other honestly.

Rich Cocovich

Global Star Capital Funding