Monday, November 21, 2011

News for Global Star Capital--Richard Cocovich

Serving commercial and intellectual property interests, Global Star Capital empowers serious and solvent clients with high-end game planning services to achieve capital funding for any project sector. Established in 1991 by founder Rich Cocovich, Global Star Capital has championed ideas in more than 100 countries and across the United States. Global Star Capital works with solvent individuals, groups, and world governments who have the ability to comprehend that experienced professionals are needed and paid accordingly. Global Star Talent Inc. (not a talent agency) owner Rich Cocovich leads the submission process that Global Star Capital employs with each client. Backed by decades of experience, Rich Cocovich uses a sophisticated screening method when finding new clients for Global Star Capital. Global Star Capital has procured relationships with a trusted network of investors and their facilitators. After the initial review process is carried out, the staff at Global Star Capital constructs an in-depth plan for its clients. All serious and solvent clients are welcome to follow the mandatory and non-negotiable protocol by visiting the company's website at or