Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Global Star Capital--About

About Global Star Capital

Creating profitable strategies and project funding game plans, Global Star Capital serves as a high-end consulting firm and intermediary for solvent clients to acquire the funding they need for their projects. Global Star Capital carefully guides commercial and intellectual property projects in industries such as land development, alternative energy, biotech, health care, and transportation to name a few. In 1991, Rich Cocovich opened Global Star Capital. Now as a subsidiary of Global Star Talent Inc., an “S” type corporation he has more than two decades of servicing clients world wide. Global Star Capital has driven the growth of many ideas that have blossomed into successful multimillion-dollar projects. From a $150 million world reach revitalization project based in Malta, Switzerland, and Algiers to a $400 million water right project in Australia, to $500,000 seed capital projects, Global Star Capital moves forward with ideas that create a significant impact on communities throughout the world. Other successful client ventures launched through Global Star Capital's funding process include a $7.65 million assisted living project in Hawaii, a $110 million wind energy undertaking in Montenegro, and a $50 million endeavor to manufacture generic versions of medications with a patented dissolving coating in the Caribbean. Possessing a respected network of lending facilitators, gate keeper organizations and administrator who represent their private investors, Global Star Capital functions on an unshakable foundation of principles to move project ideas forward. Handling start-ups, business acquisitions, mergers, alternative collateral, and loans of all varieties, Global Star Capital pursues these ventures only through screened clients and their top-level project principals. Upon completion of the submission process and approval from founder Rich Cocovich, Global Star Capital taps into its network of lending representative to assist the client in acquireing revenue for the project at hand. Global Star Capital has successfully entertained project ideas worldwide.

What is the Global Star Capital Process?

Since its inception, Global Star Capital has streamlined their protocol, ensuring that all clients realize optimal results. The firm asks that all those proposing a commercial or intellectual property project read the website in full in order to thoroughly understand the Global Star Capital process prior to submitting a proposal. The firm will not change its strict protocol and asks that all clients respect this by reviewing all necessary information prior to the first contact.

After reading the website and becoming familiar with the Global Star Capital protocol, individuals, groups or governments submit their project documents and complete the online application. All decision making project principals will then speak with the Senior VP of Global Star Capital. If the project is deemed a caliber and something workable, the principals will speak to Mr. Rich Cocovich, the founder and President of Global Star Capital. Upon Mr. Cocovich's full engagement, the full service step of execution are then administered including: meeting face to face, fully analyzing the project and constructing a total and comprehensive game plan for the client.

Global Star Capital’s Project Application and fully protocol is available online at www.globalstarcapital.com. Mr. Cocovich welcomes all serious and prepared individuals, groups or governments in any sector. Spanning over 100 countries since 1991, Mr. Cocovich is considered by the masses as the top consultant in the private funding arena. His clients are offered the opportunity to work with Global Star Capital only if the project is deemed something that has the ability to acquired funding through private facilitating entities. Mr. Cocovich brings over two decades of service to clients and also educates the principals on all important and private aspects of project funding and provides full circle business consulting under his engagement.