Thursday, August 4, 2011

Testimonial for Global Star Capital and Rich Cocovich

Thank you for the testimonial Josh:

I'm a company that has hired Rich Cocovich and his staff at Global Star Capital Services and they have fulfilled everything that they have promised so far, and its has been enjoyable working with them. In engaging them, they spent a good portion of time in phone calls with me and other principles of my company. They also went back and forth in emails checking to see if my project fit their criteria. I know the consulting fee can make people wary, but like anything in this world I've learned you aren't going to get something for nothing. In my own experienced, the people who have provided me something for nothing turned out to be some of the largest mistakes I have ever made.

To this point, Rich Cocovich and Global Star Capital have done well as my consultants in achieving my company goals. I've paid their fee structure listed on their site and they were straight to the point, no hidden agendas. They have opened up a world that I was struggling to break into with my project and I would recommend them to anyone else who has the right project and is trying to make big. Joshua Davis