Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Global Star Capital

Entrepreneur and financial expert Rich Cocovich launched Global Star Capital in 1991 to fill a niche as a high-end consultant to organizations seeking funding for large-scale projects or expansions. Two decades later, the Global Star Capital founder has aided all manner of entities, including individuals, nonprofits, companies, and government agencies, in receiving financing for multimillion-dollar ventures. Global Star Capital maintains expertise in several different industries, entertainment, property development, biotechnology, transportation, and medicine among them.

Over the years, Global Star Capital has matched organizations with funding source facilitators and gate keepers of private trust and hedge funds, investment bankers, private investment societies and wealth groups, and merchant banks. These relationships have led to dozens of valuable projects, including an organic skin care line in Taiwan, an assisted-living complex in Pompano Beach, Florida, and an agricultural site in South Dakota. Through these success stories and others, Global Star Capital helped its clients realize start-up funding, buyouts, stage two growth loans, bridge and mezzanine loans, credit lines, and other funding models.

While the success and funding types for Global Star Capital’s customers vary, the process remains the same. The staff at Global Star Capital requests that potential clients thoroughly read its website,, before applying. Once the individual or organization submits an online application, Rich Cocovich and his team will review the project for free. Upon first-round approval, Cocovich will hold a telephone conference with the potential customer to learn detailed information about the project and decide whether to pursue a partnership further. If approved, Rich Cocovich will meet face to face with the client to establish a game plan. Global Star Capital uses a time-proven process to find facilitators and gate keepers of investors and pair them with clients. Read more about this protocol on the company’s website.

Rich Cocovich welcomes all solvent and serious project principals to complete the OUR PROCESS protocol at the Global Star Capital web site