Friday, August 19, 2011

Global Star Capital-Information

My company and I have suffered from libelous comments recently from cowards online who were never clients. Their opinions are worth toilet paper. We find it disheartening that no person is held accountable for their unwarranted and false light actions in the internet world. If you believe everything posted on the internet, then you are a believer that Elvis is alive, the Holocaust did not take place, we never put a man on the moon and 9/11 was an inside job created by George Bush etc. In addition, some extortionists are creating negative sites and postings on many companies, then contacting these companies to express that they will remove the negative postings for $10,000.

I speak with all of my clients who are solvent and can follow a protcol plus have a project worthwhile to fund. This has been taking place for 21 years. Malicious and libelous postings by cowards will not be tolerated and are obvious to spot, because the sites that give them a platform are scum level at best of the internet. I am fortunate because I work hard and my clients benefit from what I bring to their projects.

Rich Cocovich

Global Star Capital